Saturday, 18 December 2010

Christmas Countdown: Brownies in a Jar

I'm taking a risk that the recipient of this gift doesn't see this blog post before Christmas, but I'm pretty confident they aren't a reader, so here goes...

Brownies in a jar:

There seem to be endless variations of these presents on the Internet including gingerbread, cookies, and hot chocolate mixes in jars, but brownies appealed the most. I was pleased to find this recipe that has metric measurements.

The dry ingredients are piled up and look really pretty. All the recipient has to do is mix up the contents with melted butter and eggs, and pour into a tin before baking. I've added a wooden spoon as I thought it looked quite cute. I was concerned that the ingredients might shift a bit, but they pack down firmly and the layers have stayed distinct. I think my friends and family will become quite familiar with these gifts over the next few years!

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