Thursday, 26 August 2010

Sugar free - the end of the challenge

So, it's been a whole month since I started trying to cut out refined sugar. I will freely admit that in the past couple of weeks, I haven't been completely sugar free. I've had a few lapses including Alice's first birthday cake (I wasn't going to miss that one!) and even the odd sweet or biscuit. However, my intake has been nothing compared to the amounts I was eating a couple of months ago! I think the whole experience has been worthwhile as I no longer crave sweet food like I did. I have discovered that it is completely possible to live life without Cadbury's Dairy Milk. I have also discovered that unsweetened cake and biscuits are every bit as tasty as the sugary kind. I haven't been able to kick the feeling that 'naughty' food is a 'treat' and I get a little surge of pleasure when I eat something sugary, but old habits die hard. I think I can better appreciate the small quantities I eat now. It's good to know that I am back in control of my eating and that I've made a positive step.

Mind you, this was a very tasty cake

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