Monday, 16 August 2010

First Attempt

When it comes to sewing, I have very little experience, but the idea of making clothes really appeals to me. I guess it's best to try it now when Alice doesn't point blank refuse to wear the odd things I make for her. With that in mind, I bought a book with patterns in the back and decided to give it a try. I picked a simple dress, but the smallest pattern size was for 2-3 years, so I had a go at making it smaller. I also decided I'd like it to be a top rather than a dress as Alice still isn't using walking to get around and she gets cross when she crawls on her dresses. In retrospect, I should probably have stuck to something that I didn't have to modify as the finished result looks a little crazy. I've fiddled with it a bit and found she can wear it in two ways:

Both look a bit odd, but what can you expect from a sewing novice and a pair of old curtains?


  1. I think it looks cute! You made the shirt out of curtains? Very resourceful.

    Someday, I would like to try making clothes. Maybe even just halloween costumes. Someday.

  2. Thank you! Yes, it used to be my mother-in-law's Laura Ashley curtains. I thought it would be best to start out on something I hadn't spent money on! You should definitely try it though. It's easier than you'd think. I have always been terrible with sewing (my teacher told me she had never taught anyone so bad...) but I've learnt a lot just by having a go.

  3. I love it!

    I've been thinking about making some clothes but I didn't know if H would hate me for it later ;)

  4. I think this is the best time to make them clothes because they can't refuse at the moment!

  5. She looks very cute, I think you did a great job. That book looks really interesting, I hope they have boys' clothes in there too!