Saturday, 27 March 2010

Wind the bobbin up, clap, clap, clap

My track record with sewing is poor to say the least. My first proper experiences of using a needle and thread came in secondary school during "Textiles", the modern name for Needlework. In my brief career, I managed to break two school sewing machines and a fair few needles. If my teacher remembers me, which I doubt, I would imagine her memories are not positive ones.

I hated sewing at school and struggled for hours at home with a lot of help from my mother to make my projects look vaguely acceptable. This makes it more strange that I should have suddenly had a desire to start sew again. I think it began with the baby leg warmers. It felt great to have made something cheaply that did the job well. I just wanted a bigger project.

My pram has been sitting forlornly by the front door for months now as I always wear Alice in the mei tai when we go out. I have been struggling to carry the bag full of bits and bobs babies necessitate. I decided I needed a backpack, but didn't like any I saw in the shops. Here was the perfect opportunity to try out my new found interest in sewing. My mother has very kindly leant me her sewing machine. It's the same one I swore at under my breath so many times ten years ago, but we seem to have got on much better now. I'm very pleased to have finally produced something I'm proud of. Lots of wonky hems, a few holes from unpicked threads and a very simple design, but I did it!

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  1. Hello, thankyou for visiting my blog.
    I think motherhood brings back desires to craft again, hope you have fun with your sewing, the bag looks lovely.
    Wind the bobbin up is a favourite song sung here by my daughter so your post title made me smile :-)