Sunday, 7 March 2010

Growth Spurt

I can only assume that Alice is going through a growth spurt. If she isn't and this is the new feeding pattern, I may have to rethink my plans on self-weaning!

I have spent the past three days doing little other than sit with baby constantly attached. That might be exaggerating as despite her increased appetite, she is still following her usual pattern of feeding.

Stage 1: I want food. I need it. Give it to me this INSTANT. If I bash my head against any part of her torso, that should help.

Stage 2:
THERE IT IS! It is all I could ever desire!

Stage 3:
Oh this is goooood. Oh I feel amazing.

Stage 4: What was I doing? Oh right yes. Latch back on.

Stages 5 - 12: What was that? I must instantly throw back my head and stare at it.

Stage 13:
Hey, Mummy! Why have you put the boob away?

(Return to Stage 1. Repeat ad nauseum.)

It can get frustrating, but all the nipple biting, breast pinching and chest scratching is worth it when she turns her milk-drunk face to look at me and gives me a huge gummy grin.


  1. i feel like you have just posted exactly what is going on with me and tallulah! EXACTLY! and she hasn't been sleeping at night and i just permantly on the boob of she won't sleep! How old is Alice? x

  2. Alice is 6 and a half months (born 22nd August). I've found that she's waking up far more at night too. By the way, I love the name Tallulah!

  3. Haha, the head bashing sounds familiar. I remember my babies doing that too. Or, the mouth open and pulling on the shirt.

    Hopefully her growth spurt ends soon!

  4. We seem to be back to normal now, thank goodness! Glad to know I'm not alone in this.