Tuesday, 16 February 2010

Baby leg warmers

Sewing is not a task that I find particularly appealing and frankly, I'm a bit rubbish at it. However, I came across Babylegs recently, and thought they were fantastic. Having finally discovered a comfortable baby carrier (more on that another time,) I've been heading into town with Alice wearing socks, tights and trousers to keep the cold at bay. Not ideal for speedy nappy changes. Leg warmers seemed like the perfect solution. Unfortunately, as we are now officially a single income family, I've been trying to cut back on spending money on fripperies. Imagine my delight at discovering this handy little project: Make Your Own Baby Leg and Arm Warmers.

Although I lack a sewing machine (I've had very bad experiences with bobbins...) I managed fairly well with a needle and thread and made two pairs last night. They've been for a test run today and although I wasn't mobbed by parents eager to know where they could purchase such stylish leg wear, they certainly did the job. Another bonus is that I now have a baby who looks like one of the kids from Fame. A good result all round.

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