Monday, 1 March 2010

Happy nappies

The other day, I treated myself to some new bumGenius nappies. Not only that, but I did the unthinkable and bought them in pink. So far, I've been very good and tried to keep most purchases unisex. Since I gave up work, our belts have had to be tightened a few notches, and we intend to use our cloth nappies for Baby No. 2. Anyway, if we do have a boy, I think that it will be good to challenge gender stereotypes by putting him in a 'zinnia' nappy. That and they're gorgeous!

I'm really pleased with the fit and they are very simple to put on. I've only got two and I'd love a few more. Fingers crossed for Mothering Sunday!

Here's Alice wearing one with her leg warmers.

1 comment:

  1. The pink is really pretty! When my youngest little girl was in diapers, Bum Genius only had the pastel colors out. The zinnia is really nice, though!

    I see your point in the unisex colors. There were a few diapers that I used with my girls that I won't be using with my baby boy (coming soon). Not that I have a problem with purple or even pinky red, but the pinks and purple I had were just, well, very girly. So, I bought some nice bright orange, greens, reds, and blues this time! I'm actually excited for changing diapers (at least until he gets to the toddler poo stage, then I'll be very excited for potty training).