Tuesday, 27 April 2010

Rear Facing Car Seat

We don't tend to use the car very often. Alice probably goes in it less than once a week, but we still needed a new car seat. While I was researching the best one to go for, I came across information that says that keeping a child rear facing for as long as possible is the safest. Marvellous. I'll get one of those then. But it wasn't that simple. Finding a group 1 rear facing car seat in this country is astonishingly difficult. I went to a site that lists UK stockists of various makes of seats, and fortunately found one near my parents' house. The price was the next sticking point. Mothercare's stock of Group 0-1 car seats range from £79.99 to £199. The one we went for cost £290. I must admit, there was a little voice niggling away asking why we were spending so much, it's not as if we use the car often anyway. I guess this is a choice every parent has to face. One look at some crash test videos made my mind up. Hopefully, as information about the huge safety benefits of keeping children rear facing for longer is made more widely known, prices will come down and availability will improve.

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