Tuesday, 23 February 2010

Baby led weaning begins!

Alice turned 6 months yesterday. She's had the odd stick of fruit and veg before, but now we've started 'proper' baby led weaning. Her first meal was butternut squash soup that I had dipped strips of a crumpet into. You'd have thought this was a banquet the way she tucked in! She sucked at it, stuck it in her ears and even (incredibly) managed to eat some of it. It was certainly an enjoyable experience for her.

I had mixed feelings. I was very proud of her and so happy to see her moving on to a new stage, but I couldn't help being a little damp-eyed. Until now, I have exclusively breastfed. Every ounce she has put on has been as a result of the amazing relationship we share. I'm very fortunate in that I haven't had too many issues to deal with and both of us enjoy feeding times. I do intend to continue breastfeeding her until she no longer wants it, but it will be different now. Moving on is always hard, but I'm looking forward to seeing her tackling more challenging food over the next few months.

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