Monday, 15 February 2010

Great Expectations?

Shortly after having my daughter I became overwhelmed by the responsibility of raising her. Everybody has an opinion on how to go about it. The more I read, the more terrified I became. Confronted by the conflicting advice of well meaning midwives, health visitors, friends, relatives and a surprising number of total strangers, I wondered how I could ever manage to bring this baby up properly. At the end of a particularly unproductive day, surrounded by unwashed crockery and damp muslins, I looked at my content little baby and realised that I didn't have to be a perfect parent. I readjusted my aims and decided to try to be good enough.

With a little less pressure on me to 'get it right' I have been enjoying the freedom to do things in the way that feels right to me. Maternal instinct and all that. I get the odd raised eyebrow or disapproving tut, but that's OK. I'm good enough.

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