Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Sourdough loaf: The first attempt

Just over a week after starting my sourdough starter, it was finally ready to use. Full of bubbles, and smelling sweet and quite winey, I couldn't wait to start.

I made a sponge using some of the starter, flour and warm water, then left it in the airing cupboard. By the end of the day, it was bubbly and ready to use.

More flour and some oil got added to the sponge to make the dough. I enjoyed the rhythmic, repetitive task of kneading, although if pushed for time in future, I may use the dough blades on my mixer.

The dough then rose in the airing cupboard overnight.

I knocked back the dough, and put it into my makeshift breadbasket to rise a second time before putting it in a hot, steamy oven.

And here's the result!

I'm going to fiddle about with how to form the dough, as this was a little flat and wide, and I'm looking to find ways to make it less dense. A brief look on-line has shown me just how much of an art this is, one that takes years to perfect. Having said that, I'm delighted with the first attempt, and the taste is fantastic. I'm definitely hooked!

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