Monday, 10 January 2011

Natural relief for dry skin

Just a little post to pass on a favourite tip of mine.

Since being very little, Alice has had patches of quite dry skin and eczema. A trip to the doctor resulted in no less than 3 types of lotions and potions to try and clear it up. We dutifully used them for a while, but there was little real difference, and I became uneasy about using products packed with chemicals on her skin.

The only thing that has made a big difference to her skin after bath time has been oats. If she's having an eczema breakout, I put a tablespoon or two of oats into a piece of muslin, fold up the edges and tie with string to make a little parcel. I then pop this in the bath as it's running. It immediately makes the water cloudy, and squeezing the bag releases a gloopy liquid that is great to rub directly onto dry patches. I've found it good on my skin too if it dries out due to a combination of cold weather and central heating.

Cheap, natural and effective, it's worth a try.

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