Monday, 14 June 2010

Mmm is the new Shh

I dread car journeys with Alice. They tend to start well. She's in a rear facing group 1 seat and can see clearly out the back window, so she's entertained by watching the world whizz by and she soon drops off. The problems come when she wakes up. This is what happened at the weekend. She screamed so hard her lips went blue and she began to foam at the mouth. She wouldn't even look at me as I held her hands, stroked her head, shushed and sang at her. As soon as he could, her daddy pulled the car into a lay-by. I got her out and tried to latch her on, but even that wouldn't soothe her. We took her for a little walk outside, but the noise of the cars scared her even more. Finally, we decided to get her back into her seat and just continue our journey. As we started off again, I made a last ditch attempt and hummed at her in a low tone. Instantly, her cry became a whimper and soon stopped altogether. Her stiff little limbs relaxed and she started to smile and look at me again. I have absolutely no explanation for it, but I've used it several times since then and it works like a dream. As with all these little tricks, I've no idea if the effect will last, but I'm grateful for it while it does!

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