Wednesday, 15 September 2010

New Shoes

These are Alice's first proper pair of shoes.

This is how I see them.

This is how Alic
e sees them.

Now she is walking fairly well, she always wants to get down and wander about when we're out, and sometimes socks don't cut it on wet, uneven or dirty surfaces. We fulfilled my dream of going and getting her fitted in Clarks and became proud owners of new shoes (size 4G if you're interested.)

The problem is she hates them. Despises them. Loathes them. Detests them. If I manage to get them on her feet, which is a herculean task, she stands stock still and screams until she is purple. No amount of distraction technique is enough to dissuade her. As she apparently will need a new fitting in 4-6 weeks, I want to get my money's worth, but she has other ideas. We've tried leaving them around while she plays, and she even picks them up and puts them next to her feet, but she will not tolerate actually wearing them.

If anyone has any tips, or even just a bit of sympathy, it would be very welcome!


  1. Oh, you have my sympathy. I wish I could offer some tried and tested advice but Abigail loves her shoes (and everyone elses)

    The closest thing we had to deal with was hats early in the summer. I made one for her doll and then they could both wear them.

    (not suggesting that you make shoes though :D )

  2. Making shoes might be a bit of a stretch, I agree! I'm thinking about getting her some really soft leather ones though to get her used to the feel of something on her foot. Looks like these shoes aren't going to get much wear.

  3. It's a shame, but maybe if they are barely worn you could sell them on?

    Maybe wellies might be an idea, they aren't too tricky to put on and take off and they are always amusing.